Sunday, December 2, 2007

Is Knowledge Necessary?

Does knowledge really matter anyway? Human knowledge?
1. first humans in the middle east, then in southern africa, the latest?
2. earth is round, earth is flat, earth is round again.
3. three states of matter - solid, liquid, gas; then four - solid, liquid, gas, plasma; then five - solid, liquid, gas, plasma, BEC...
4. things work in THIS manner, oh wait, now we've discovered a whole subatomic world that works the opposite way, oh wait, it only works this way unless we observe it, then it stops...
5. earth is the center of the universe, if you say otherwise you die! Oh. Oops. No it's not. Just one planet out of nine in this solar system. Oops. Now there are only eight.

We're so demanding about our kids' schoolwork because... because...why?

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