Monday, December 24, 2007

Why do we think "God" is male?

Why does the Bible call God male? And why "God"? The name YHWH was used in the old testament; it supposedly means:
Self-existent One
I Am Who I Am
The "first" human created was male and female perfectly combined apparently. Not a hermaphrodite, probably not a sexual being at all, but complete. The evidence is that "Adam" was taken apart - divided into component parts of male and female. (Unless of course, we're to believe that the Almighty Creator forgot that he would need a female to go with that male until he noticed all those other animals he had made and remembered!)

Aren't the first statues, idols, cave paintings, etc., of a female god? Because females made new people, makes sense that they would be considered amazing creators. But then people realized men had a part in it and it changed. The men were stronger physically and able to take over without worry that this female would make new warriors to avenge any poor treatment of her.
People used to, many still do, believe in an entire pantheon of male and female gods, are all the overall mightiest ones perceived as male? What happened to spirit? The Bible says there is no marriage in heaven/the kingdom, no male and female to YHWH.

I believe the concepts of male and female gods, Father, Abba, the Son, Bride of Christ, etc., are all merely allegories, ways to help us start on a path of understanding spiritual things, we just needed a starting point to refer to.

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