Friday, January 25, 2008

What Exactly IS He?

I'm not sure I believe God is a person kind of being. Even His name - YHWH - which is supposed to mean I AM. That brings to mind more of a force, the whole underlying existence of everything.

But if He's a force of good, a force of love, how could He have any influence in our lives? For the most part, it seems that God is involved only if we ask Him to be; an impersonal force that we always have available to plug into. If so, there is no overall plan per se. It would be more that we can fit into another dimension of life; if things are different, that's just how it works 'there'. Positive thinking works in this scenario, the Bible 'advises' positive thinking but not based on ourselves or fate; instead based on knowing God has a plan He's working out. That's how our lives and bodies work best - concentrating on what is noble, good, just, and true. This doesn't say or prove anything about God's nature because if it's all physically natural, why is it?

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