Thursday, March 20, 2008

God or Jesus? YHWH or Yahushua? Father or Son?

When He reveals Himself to us, whose presence do we experience? The Father is spirit and is the one who says "I am your savior, there is none besides me." Then we're told about the name Yahushua "there is no other name whereby you must be saved." The Son came in the Father's name, in His authority so that's still the name of Yahweh (Jehovah, YHWH). So far no problem.

But when the very spirit of God reveals Himself, His BEINGness to you, is it still through the son? Yahushua was given all authority in heaven and on earth. If he is the intermediary between us and the Father, is he the one with whom we interact? Do we pray TO him? It must be the same way the high priest used to make intercession for the people before Yahushua. I have no personal experience with that type of religion and don't know what is involved. It probably says right in the Bible but I can't get it in my head. The people were supposed to have a direct relationship with the Almighty Himself but they freaked out, totally panicked when He was revealed, felt, and experienced by them at Mount Sinai.

That may not make sense until He shows Himself to you. And I mean beyond the emotional reaction to what we hear and know, beyond the intellectual understanding, I mean when He's RIGHT HERE WITH YOU and all you can do is drop to the floor and wish it were lower! Everything changes then. Waking up in the morning is a new experience after that, making dinner for your family is different, interacting with others at work is different. That's when you can see that the problems of this life don't matter at all, the knowledge we acquire in this life is meaningless, and our "belongings" don't mean much to us anymore. There's another whole dimension to life; it will change your perspective of this one once you've seen it.

So who is it that comes? Using the terms "father, son, Lord, God, savior" make it seem like a question, a paradox, a problem. These I believe, are only ways to help our finite minds form some sort of concept to even begin thinking of spiritual matters. I had a problem for a while trying to figure it out, get my theology straight, still do at times. But when I recognize that I'm trying to get BEING squeezed into a comprehensible package, it makes sense to just stop. I don't need to find the right label. What am I going to do with the labels anyway? Explain spiritual matters to someone who has never experienced the reality? It doesn't work, it can only be meaningless no matter how hard they try; nothing will mean anything until truth is revealed to them and that isn't something that comes from them and it certainly doesn't come from me.

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  1. Some would say that the Creator is a lamb, some would say He's a lion. Some would say He's both. But the fact is, He is neither. They're fiction. Metaphors. Yet the creator is a both, so they are also true. Nothing changes the Creator. Only the way we think of Him.
    From Black by Ted Dekker.

    Your title reminded me of that.

    Good post. :)