Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finding "God" Within?

The last two posts are what I start thinking about when I read of "finding God in yourself" or "the divinity within". Many Christians rage against the concept, I understand why. It seems to me though, that some of the disagreement may be merely semantics.

I often wonder how individualized our instructions are. Isn't it true that we each need our own lessons in life? Some need to learn to stand up for what's right, some need to learn to shut up and remember that they don't run the world themselves. Scripture addresses pretty much all issues in one way or another, we may not need every one at every moment. Perhaps I need to keep all the feasts of God for a season because I don't understand that way of thinking. There are lessons to be learned in that. For now, I can't see why it wouldn't be necessary for everyone, it's the plan for mankind laid out, who doesn't need to see it? But some people aren't there, have already been there, or won't ever be there. Even if it's the will of the Almighty that we all do so, what about those who die before they realize it? Or those who firmly believe these are "Jewish" feasts but spiritually do all they know to do? Is their enlightenment not up to the heavenly Father? It's not like people can "figure it out" by themselves.

Scripture is full of statements by YHWH that He blinds people and reveals to people in His own time, according to His own purposes. When someone is desperate to understand the truth of God, will He always reveal truth to that one? If not, is that person responsible for not knowing?

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