Saturday, June 7, 2008

Force? Being? And what will we be?

Is God a force or a being? Is spirit like what we think of as a "ghost" or more like a fabric composed of intangible "life"?

I keep trying to decide; then realize that my decision is meaningless. It's not like my deciding will change the reality. So I try to figure out why I need to know, if I really DO need to know.
Yes. I do. It really makes a great deal of difference in our lives to comprehend our own conception of God. If God is a "person", a sentient "being", that's way different than God as the force of life. I believe we're talking about a sentient force, God is existence. The thought of God as embodied in a person can't be right, I think that's a way we try to visualize "him" so we can think about God. It's not necessary to do that but it certainly makes things easier. It's a starting place.

Another thing concerns our human capabilities - the christian consensus seems to be that we are to not use them, that any ability to cause things to happen with the power of our minds is wrong because it's depending on ourselves instead of on God. I can see the point here; if we can do all this ourselves, why do we need God? But I don't think that's the right attitude, scripture tells us a parable of three servants being given talents (money of the time supposedly) and how they used these talents. The one punished is the one who did NOT use it and increase it. Perhaps this is why so many people feel the drive to do things "just because we can" and "to find out what will happen".
Not a pretty thought to imagine becoming part of the "fabric of reality" and to see humanity as the tattered, raggedy part on the corner because we never developed our spiritual abilities. It won't do much good to use these abilities for physical, earthly pleasure, that could be the beginning - practice perhaps. That would be so limited, wouldn't it? Rather pointless in the overall scheme of things. That's if you believe there IS an overall scheme of things.


  1. Personally, I believe there is an overall scheme of things. I also think that God did create intelligence in humans so that we could improve our lot in an imperfect world. When we surrender to the care of God, we don't sit around waiting for everything to be done for us. Rather, we ask for God to instill Wisdom in us to make good choices and move in the right direction.

  2. Whether or not we can figure out the grand design, we should never stop asking questions...