Sunday, July 20, 2008

Absolute Truth Or Not?

I've noticed that many seem to agree that "the Word (Bible) does not contradict itself, any apparent contradiction is in our understanding only." Why does this have to be an absolute? Why do we think we have to reconcile every verse into one "truth"? The Bible covers everything and every person, why does it only have to say one thing?

Walking in the road is dangerous.

That's true for a two year old living in a city. It's not true for someone out in the desert trying to find the nearest city after a car broke down - for that person, walking in the road keeps him from getting lost and increases his chance of being seen and helped.

A Bible truth may be true for one person at a particular time in his/her life and not true or even applicable at another time or for another person's circumstance.

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  1. For me, the Bible is Truth, but that does not by any means mean that I understand it including what seems contradictory. What I do believe is that I do not have God's mind to understand such things.

    It is always truth, but it must be taken into context just as the person reading it should take it into the context of their personhood. Hence, you standing in the middle of the road.