Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perspective On Trials In Life

WOW! I just read this older post from June 18 on The Internet Cafe, so incredible! It's called The Fourth Man.

Here's one part I especially like:
It is my desire to walk through the furnaces that God allows in my life in such a way that those passing by will be able to see the “Fourth Man” walking with me!

What a prayer and a hope to carry with you through trials - once again it's all about glorifying the Lord in all things.


  1. I had to google it but I found it.
    The Fourth Man.

    I agree - great post and reminder for when we find ourselves in the furnace.


  2. Sorry AGAIN. I hope you know I'm not trying to make things difficult on this blog. When I tried it after I first posted it, it worked. After your comment, I tried again and it didn't. Now I've fixed it (my fingers are crossed!)