Monday, November 24, 2008

All Things Work Together For The Good Of...

Once again, what is it we trust God for? I don't mean why, I mean for what. We trust that all things will be worked out for our good but is that our own specific particular good or for the good of the human race as a whole, or believers as a whole? Because it seems a bit presumptuous and extreme to assume it means my good. It could be but what if what's good for me is bad for someone else? Or will it never turn out that way in the long run? And do we assume that staying alive is best? Are there no believers who have starved to death or frozen to death because they have nowhere to live even while they trusted God for things to work out for their good? Yeshua himself trusted YHWH for his good, it certainly wasn't his good in THIS life - betrayed, abandoned, ridiculed, tortured and murdered. The Father's approbation was his reward, I wonder if he 'looks down' at us and thinks, "Yes, they're worth what I went through for them."

If things fall to pieces and are really bad, is it because we're not seeking the kingdom of God first? Or are we simply meant to learn a lesson, see something, change something? All of them can be true but I don't know how to tell the difference; if I'm wrong about what's going on, my energies are aimed in the wrong direction. I have the book Secret of The Vine, I think that deals with this question, I need to read it again.


  1. Perhaps what's good for us is not what we selfishly perceive as good for us but what's in our best interests according to God's will.

  2. Excellent reflection! In the end, our good is best achieved when we are living for His glory. It may not feel good at the time, but our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal weight of glory. (I can't remember the exact verse, but Paul wrote that).