Wednesday, January 14, 2009

At The Mercy Of A Whimsical God?

At Sharpening Iron, back on Dec. 3, he asked if we would still have faith if hideous things were happening, like being attacked by soldiers and tortured, watching our family be slaughtered. Faith that what? That God would intervene? He doesn't always. I haven't seen that our having faith forces God's hand. He isn't "up there" looking down and seeing people with immense faith and saying, "Oh, he believes entirely that I will fix this for him, I'd better run over and take care of that."

What are we having faith about? Faith in?

That He exists? Scripture says 'even the demons believe, and tremble'. Faith that all will work for our good? 'In this life you will have trouble'. Faith that He loves us? The Bible says yes, but how is that relevant to our daily lives?

He's working out a plan (a science experiment?) with people and the earth, I can easily see that this plan encompasses the overall good of the human race. Even if now what we see is how things work out when YHWH is NOT making us all do things His way, it's understandable that we will look at the earth and ourselves at the end, then be shown what would be (or currently IS in a parallel universe? I just saw a new article about that in Scientific American) if He had been micromanaging. I realize that we are seeing the contrast but what does that mean for us now?

No, it's not whimsy perhaps, but do we really have to do this?

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