Thursday, January 8, 2009

Truth and Reality - ALL AS ONE

Often I'm comforted to know that my belief, disbelief, certainty, doubts have nothing to do with what is true and real. I may feel it's urgent to know exactly what truth and reality are but don't have to worry that I can somehow screw it up.


I realize humans may create reality. We affect things by our actions and likely by our thoughts. Our unity or disunity may increase or disrupt reality.

Do we affect our own reality or REALITY? We're exhorted to be as one, in unity, one in Christ, one with I AM as Yeshua is one with him. Perhaps when we manage that (will that ever happen?!), that is when reality that is truly real will be here.


  1. maybe the only thing we create is perception

    reality is reality, now as far as just how many of us actually PERCEIVE reality properly...thats a big can o worms I too young to be a valid discussion or did you stop emailing for another more legitimate reason?

  2. I'm thinking of the supposition that our very observation changes reality, I think it's a matter of semantics or at least the scientific version thereof. However, there still seems to be an opinion (growing) that we affect things that happen by our thoughts. That may "merely" be observable human energy output that causes results, no mystery if that's the case, but the things that are changed don't seem something that would be obviously susceptible to energy output. Though if everything is energy, it does make sense after all doesn't it? But then, why would we consider it all a mystery?

  3. As for your being too young for a valid discussion - LOL! Sounds funny, but actually, yes, I think so. Too young for what I specifically was wondering about. For someone so young, it's easy for me to see that you would have accepted the interpretation you were given of everything that happened to you; you grew up and questioned their point of view. The discrepancies made you throw out the whole thing.

    I thought you were much older and had had your "own" experiences and interpretations and knowledge of what happened. I have five sons so I know quite well that children believe whatever they're told and consider it total fact even if it contradicts everything else they're told. That's why littles are so much fun! :-)

    Of course, that's also why they have to be allowed to doubt and question when they get older without the adults being offended about it.

  4. Hello TMinut,

    I wrote a post with you and someone else in mind.



    Tom Usher