Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Intended For Growth

Once again, I'm pretty sure the Bible was written for the most part by men given a message by the spirit of I AM, then wrote more that felt like obvious common sense according to what they knew and understood. I'm not sure it all makes sense here and now...different culture, different geography, different time, different understanding. That's why we need the principles and not necessarily the specifics; however, one problem with that is that many of the specifics still produce the intended results when combined with the spirit in us. If the Israelites couldn't manage to understand the principles and live them even after YHWH showed them how it would all look specifically in every situation, why do we think we can extract principles without them? It must have all been to show us we were never going to "get it" without His spirit in us, transformed into what we were intended to be but whined about. Really, it's a lot easier to just live without bothering to grow in any way.

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