Saturday, May 23, 2009

More expanded

Yesterday I started reading The Da Vinci Code and found all this male/female stuff in it! I figured there was more to the story (the whole 'females are lesser to I AM" nonsense) but an actual conspiracy? It's always difficult in fiction to know what's true and what's based on fact but not actually true. That's all right, research never hurt me so far!

It's an interesting book but I don't see any particular need for research. I loved all that about the treasure hunts (I did a lot of those with my children and they had to break codes, great fun!), the codex (I found one of these before and wanted to buy one for one of my boys; at $400 though I couldn't justify it), mystery and intrigue, religion, etc., very interesting. But it's fiction after all, many points raised are probably worth pursuing but it's not something I care that much about. I certainly don't care about someone's bones, holy relics, etc. True interaction with the HOLY ONE is what matters, that's where truth comes from.

The Da Vinci Code wasn't as complex as I had expected from all the hype, especially since I recently finished a book called The Rule Of Four, same sort of religious/political intrigue that involved ancient cryptology and such, but way more complicated. I'm glad I read them both.

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