Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm thinking there's too much anthropomorphism of God; God is spirit not a man. I AM fits better than God because God is from a word meaning "mighty one" or "mighty ones" and applies to more than the Almighty. I can understand I AM much better because as a concept those words encompass so much more than a god like one of the gods of Mt. Olympus or something. I AM is definitely 'something' outside of ourselves, but something/someone that we can interact with. (Saying 'something', and 'it' feels totally disrespectful but I certainly can't say 'He'; that disregards all the feminine aspects of being, isn't that even more disrespectful? Like saying half of I AM isn't worth our consideration...)

The Bible is a record of people's interaction with I AM and how they understood it. I haven't figured out how the Israelites are supposed to be an example since they failed miserably according to all the bible. Later there was a new covenant made with them where I AM wrote all spiritual laws on their hearts, meaning that these laws would be 'followed' naturally. They wouldn't keep a list of laws, they would do these things because the spirit in them naturally behaves in that way. This is the covenant non-Israelites are 'allowed' into as well, though gentiles were always accepted if they became "Jews".

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