Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Knowledge Shouldn't Be Our God

It's difficult to decide how much of the Bible to take as daily instruction. Naturally, i'm supposed to understand that ALL scripture is profitable for instruction and training in righteousness, etc. We have to acknowledge that much of scripture is full of totally depraved people, though.

What do we do with Samson for example, he broke the food laws, did not show honor to his parents, treated women with total disrespect, and more. The bible says this was done because God intended to use this mess of a man for His own purposes. Samson was dedicated to God from his birth, a Nazirite. Was this just his parents promising to raise him right? If Samson had behaved as he was supposed to be taught, would his life perhaps have turned out differently? We know he accomplished the purpose he was intended for - to take out the Philistines for the Israelites. If he had been truly a decent, godly man, would he have been hailed as a true Israelite hero? He still is but with reservations; we have to be sure to only mention his final act. Is this what it comes down to? Pretending the bad isn't there and only concentrating on the good?
Would Samson have gone on to do even greater things, or at least more great things, if he had been righteous ALL the time?

What about Solomon, he pleased God and was given wisdom. But he ended up totally depressed, turned from the Almighty and was nothing but a whore. He counted it better to do whatever women wanted so he could be with them than to live a godly life. And we're supposed to learn WHAT exactly from the "wisest man who ever lived"?
I can use my own mental powers to explain it for good or to explain it for bad. For bad: Following a righteous, holy path in life is not worth the trouble. For good: God does not give us all wisdom and knowledge because we can't handle it.

If this world, if people, are so depraved, sinful, and bad that wisdom will destroy us, why are we so impressed by the Father's work in creating it? Whatever happened to "we are fearfully and wonderfully made"? Is this why God said to Adam at the beginning, "Look buddy, i'm telling you, don't eat from that tree. If you insist, you go right ahead but i'm telling you now, you don't want to do this!"

More from scripture:
Too much knowledge wearies the mind and of the making of many books, there is no end.

I don't think i can accept that knowledge is bad, wrong, or even unwise. Maybe that's just because i was raised to consider the acquisition of knowledge as the pinnacle of achievement. The Bible doesn't say that though. Since i don't believe God was hoping for a planet full of ignorant, non-thinking retards, there must be another way to look at it. (Unless of course he WAS hoping for that.) There must another way of looking at knowledge and wisdom.

So far, we go by the evidence and facts; that's how we put together our "knowledge". And then every new bit of evidence, every new fact, can change the entire picture. Sometimes we can find a way to force the piece into the puzzle but there are many times it can't be done. Humankind has to redraw the whole outline.

We have to define knowledge by the definition the Almighty gives us. I don't yet know what that is but i'm looking. I can still study and learn history, science, even grammar (hey, i LIKE grammar!), but that isn't the whole point. Having wordly knowledge may or may not help me be successful by my country's standards, having spiritual knowledge probably won't. But having spiritual knowledge, the little i've been given so far, has already made a profound difference to me. I'm on a QUEST!

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