Friday, December 7, 2007

More than one theory of gravity?

??? In one of the physics discussion groups, i just read, "That's the age-old question. Which theory of gravity is the correct one?"

WHICH theory of gravity? I didn't know there was more than one!
Oh, well, that's why i'm reading there. Once again, is our knowledge necessary? Or is it just a way to exercise our intellects and creativity? If we're making decisions based on our fluid certainties, how can any of our decisions be right? Pure random chance? Things turn out the way we expected so we assume we were right? Makes sense, but it apparently has a very remote chance of being true.
Is this why the Almighty at the very beginning advised people not to eat from the 'tree of knowledge of good and evil'? The options were to trust Him to show us the right way since He already HAS the knowledge; or learn a little at a time ourselves and go through all the screwups on the way. We, obviously wanted to do it OUR WAY, which is fine if we're willing to pay the price. Problem is, nobody can even comprehend what that price is because we don't have all the knowledge yet! Conundrums and paradoxes...

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