Friday, February 29, 2008

More About Paul but...

I just read a book for kids/teens called Escape From Egypt that reminded me of something. How about the Exodus when some of the Israelites started complaining about Moses? Their argument was about the same as mine, wasn't it? They asked, "Is Moses the only one God speaks to? Why do we follow him, hasn't the Almighty spoken to us and others as well?" Then those people who had spoken against Moses were swallowed up by the earth for it!

What if this is the same thing? Didn't they have what they considered good reason to question? Is there a difference between wondering if Moses was right in all the myriad things he said and wondering about the preachings of Paul? Did Moses always say, "This is what YHWH has commanded me to say to you..."?

Complaining was a big issue with the Almighty. But I realize i can easily question why it is that we have to do without things we need when we are promised them. Like the Israelites in the desert - they had no water! Why did they have to wait until they were desperate before it was provided? Are we to assume they didn't ASK, that they didn't PRAY for water before they got to the point of wanting to return to Egypt? Why did YHWH wait until they were afraid they were beyond hope, until the children were dying of thirst (DID anyone actually die), until the people thought they had been abandoned because they lacked what they needed for their very survival before He provided the water?

I've heard it proposed that He waits until the last minute quite often so there is no misunderstanding - all provision comes from HIM, it's not our power. If we can obviously get what we need but it doesn't work for some unfathomable reason, then we will understand that it was always up to Him. But waiting BEYOND that point? I don't get it. In the desert, it had already been quite obvious that God was protecting them and had truly led them there, look at all the miracles done for them! Is that the difference? Or is it even different? I've seen miracles but I still question whether i'm misreading situations at times. I question if I'm hearing right, if I've learned the real lesson, if I've chosen the right path. Is that the only difference? Does He continue to give me what i need when i question my OWN understanding, but send plagues and trouble if I question HIS wisdom in putting me in certain situations?

And how does any of this apply to the question of Paul and Moses? Were those who were destroyed questioning the Almighty by questioning Moses? Okay, yes, they must have been, all
that they had seen made it quite clear that He was with Moses, directing his steps and words!

But then what about all the false prophets who are to come in the name of Yahshua doing signs and wonders?

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