Friday, February 29, 2008

Questions About Paul

For some time now I've thought Paul was like many of us - filled with the spirit; different than most in that he was given a specific mission that was MAJOR. In his writings, he says things like 'I was determined to know nothing but Christ and him crucified.' For the rest, at least much of the rest, could he perhaps have been giving his own understandings? These letters he wrote are not what he was specifically sent to teach and preach, these are letters addressing questions and problems that may or may not apply to us in every situation. I often wonder if he'll be horrified to know that his opinions - Spirit inspired, yes, but opinions and understandings - are considered of equal or greater weight than those of Messiah himself?
One time I asked my pastor how he was different from Paul. I know quite well this man often "let" the Spirit speak through him and that he preached from understandings he was given. The pastor was horrified by the question, thinking i was elevating his speaking to the level of scripture. But I was just accepting that it was truly the spirit of YHWH speaking through him and I still don't really see the difference in him and Paul, maybe other scripture "authors" as well. If the pastor speaks the very words the Father gives him, aren't they holy and set apart truths? But that doesn't mean that I will understand every word out of his mouth to be instruction and teaching from the Father.
This is pretty much where i am right now. Paul himself said if it doesn't agree with Torah and the prophets, it's not true. Then why do people use his teachings to 'disprove' and 'discredit' Torah? People seem to generally believe that either:
1. He teaches the old testament is totally passed away OR
2. He agrees fully in all his teachings with Torah and we are trying to twist his words
Personally i don't agree with either view. I believe he was a man in close communication with the Father, filled with the spirit but not infallible!
I fully realize i may change my mind, the Spirit may change my understanding of this and anything else i think i know but it always helps me to write it.

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