Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sabbath the Sign?

I'm starting to believe those people who claim the sabbath is the sign of YHWH, and that the people who keep no day or Sunday or maybe Friday have accepted the mark of the beast! Why? Because apparently no one in this country can get a job anymore without working on Saturday. At least, I don't seem to be able to. Even when i go to what i expect are Mon-Fri places, they add at the end of the interview, "And of course, you'll have to work an occasional Saturday, but that's no problem for you, is it?"
Well, YES! That's the whole reason i respond to ads that require availability Monday through Friday!

This certainly IS affecting my ability to "buy and sell", it DOES feel like a persecution, it IS a test of my faith in the Father to provide... I keep worrying that i'm really not supposed to follow what scripture says, that i should do the easy thing and choose my own day for a sabbath or not bother with one at all. Except that i really don't believe it's my right to do such a thing. But neither do I believe living off of someone else is His 'provision'. Something needs to happen.

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