Friday, February 15, 2008

Sabbath, signs, Marks, implants

A few minutes ago, i read an article that i appreciated and was glad to find. Besides not being all that sure of how literally one should take certain spiritual things, i'm never quite sure of my conclusions. Sometimes they're not even conclusions, merely considerations, theories, possibilities. When i wrote about the sabbath being the sign, it was simply out of frustration. Things have happened that make me feel a little better about not working yet, things like i needed to keep my grandbabies while their mother had surgery - if i had been working, i couldn't have kept them. Then there's the fact that grandbaby number three is due in less than two weeks! Perhaps with tax return money, i can make the trip out to see him! If I had a job, i couldn't go. Plus I need to go be with my son while he deals with a trauma this sorry world has struck him over the head with. PLUS...well, yes, there are a couple of other things as well.
Anyway, the article pointed out that this "mark of the beast" is supposed to be in the hand OR in the forehead, not both. If it's an idea that one performs, that would be both, the mental keeping would be the forehead, the physical performance would be the hand. Not that i agree totally but at least there may be something to that. Maybe next i'll just join the mild hysteria going around in some groups about using one's thumbprint to buy things, or the ID chip that is supposedly soon to be implanted. Okay, that hysteria i can gladly join in with, i detest the thought of being branded, marked, CHIPPED like an animal to be kept track of by my "owner" - the government?!

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