Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another One Of My Unpopular Views

The issue was brought up about the girl who died from diabetes; she had no medical treatment because either the parents didn't know what was wrong and/or they were trusting God to heal her.
So many people have been incensed that they didn't speed the girl to the doctor and trust doctors and medicine over God. Totally understandable for non-believers but Christians are furious too. They say these parents were taking off on their own little track, not handling the Word of God accurately, other similar comments. They assume that because the child died, the parents are wrong and to blame; they should have counted on doctors instead of God. But if the child had died even under a doctor's care, then what? THEN it would have been God's will.

There are people who believe that there are too many risks with many of the medicines we use. There are rumors and articles about side effects and poor results being covered up so the drug companies can continue making money. There are questions about the logo used for the medical field; questions about terms in the bible that imply we should have nothing to do with pharmaceuticals.

What about all the verses that say not to love this life?
Seems that everyone believes that no measure should ever be spared to keep someone in this life. Why?
I assume the parents ARE devastated by their daughter's death, I would be too. But that would be because of MY loss, not hers. If you believe she went immediately to heaven, she's much better off now than she was here. If you think she's dead until the resurrection, she's still not suffering. Her next moment will be the resurrection.
Why do people believe they were wrong to leave it up to God?
That child could have had kidnapping, rape, and murder in her future but God, in His wonderful, infinite love, spared her that.
She may have had a wonderful life in store. We don't know. So why isn't it okay that she no longer suffers this life?

Obviously we have a built-in desire for survival - but isn't that so we leave it up to God when we die instead of "escaping" this life at our whim?

I sympathize with their loss, with their second-guessing, with the blame they'll have to deal with but there's even a verse about that: (paraphrased) Count it all joy when you are reviled and hated for my name's sake...


  1. You know, I think is an interesting perspective. It might be unpopular but it does examine the other side of things.

    Thanks for making me think.

  2. Thanks Jillian, I was a bit worried..
    I don't claim I wouldn't take my son to the doctor if I could afford it or do whatever it took to get him there.
    But when I read responses from Christians, I was taken aback at the unanimous view that these people were totally and 'obviously' wrong.
    I think it's because the girl so likely would have survived with medical treatment if she were diagnosed correctly and in time. We like to trust in people until people can't help; I'm not sure that's what we're supposed to do.