Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bad Blog Manners?

I just read that it's considered bad blog manners to quote someone's post and link to it without first getting their permission. Is this the general consensus?
I was just so happy to have figured out how to link to someone's post, now I find it may be bad manners! To me, this would be the same as calling a friend every time I wanted to tell someone else something funny or inspiring they had said - I don't do that and doubt anyone else does either. But I realize this may be different. Is it?


  1. No, that's not bad blog manners -- it's bad blog manners to TAKE someones' post and copy/paste it as your own.

    Linking to another's post is actually considered a NICE thing to do -- it's called link love and you officially have permission to link to ANY post on my website you want to :P


  2. I agree with margaret. If you take as yours, that's taboo. BUT, if you give credit and a link back to their post you should be fine. At least that's what I do if I quote someone.

  3. Thank you both, I feel a lot better. To me that's sort of the point of blogging, part of it anyway. It's the interaction and commenting I like so I'm glad it's okay after all!

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