Thursday, April 10, 2008

Absolute Truth

Is there such a thing as absolute truth?
If so, what are the implications?

I always have trouble believing that one particular religion is the only truth; I also have trouble believing it's not! Wouldn't it be easy if there is a truth, we could all eventually find out what it is and live accordingly? But we are each unique, we have our own backgrounds, capabilities, perceptions. The Almighty knows how to reach each person with truth in the way they can understand. If we all come to different conclusions, there must be a reason for that. But there have to be some things that are wrong, too.
I believe the Bible has instructions for human life. Other cultures have their instruction books as well, I don't think every religious belief is true but I don't think I can necessarily know. Some things may be true FOR THAT PERSON at THAT TIME. It may be a step on the path for them, even just a step toward the path that they haven't yet found.
This seems to be what Hopeful Spirit discussed here: Hopeful Spirit
"... when we use our personal understanding to declare that our way of perceiving “God” and “His” plan for the lives of other persons is the only correct way..." and "Rather, we all need to honor and respect each other’s individualized understanding and perception of the Divine Creator and trust that the Spirit works in every other person’s life as surely as it does in our own."

The other thing I just can't get over is that it seems we're all made of energy, that's what we ARE. Organized energy. And God is pure existence. Can't really tell you what that means but that's what I found out; perhaps my intellect can't quite comprehend it but my soul does.

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  1. I like your post. It seems to me the writing of someone who is looking for more.
    I learned that spiritual wisdom is always find within oneself and that is were the truth stays