Saturday, April 19, 2008

Did WHAT Every Sunday?

Tim O'Hearne on Minutes with Messiah said:
Every indication from the earliest writings of the Christian church is that Christians celebrated the resurrection every Sunday. (Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 16:2)

I've heard other people use these passages for various "proofs" but I've never seen why. Concerning celebrating the resurrection, neither verse has anything to do with it. Is this just for people who won't really look them up?
Concerning 'every Sunday', only one verse is something for every Sunday, not both. And even then, it's a day to collect money and donations. What does that have to do with the resurrection? Or a changed sabbath day as many claim?

The reason I post this here is that I can't find an email address on the site. Clicking on his email brings up a blank email to fill in his name. Someone commented here before with an article from there so maybe they'll respond again. Or, now that I take half a second to think about it, I can go see who made that earlier comment and write to her!

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