Saturday, April 19, 2008

Passover /Unleavened Bread

I'm not even keeping these feasts, I didn't "do" easter, that I think really would be wrong. But to keep Passover as they did before Yeshua died and was raised, that doesn't make sense either. Maybe it does, I can't decide. It commemorated an event that foreshadowed the coming of the Anointed One. It seems obvious that it would somehow change but I don't know for sure how. I don't want to say "it's all spiritual now" because WE are not "all spiritual" are we? We live in a physical world. It's not as important, especially now, but it still is a teaching/learning method that works.

It would be easier if I had someone to do this with. I'm not looking for how it was specifically kept in a Jewish household BEFORE Messiah with 'seder' and other things I don't know. The very fact that I feel confused about it is confusing. What is there to be confused about? I can read the Bible and follow the directions, how hard is that? But I don't know what and how things should be different, I just know that it IS different somehow. Perhaps the physical DOESN'T need to be changed, it just has been endowed with a much deeper meaning. And maybe if I quit spending all my time trying to "figure it out" with my physical mind, I would pray and let the Holy One who knows the truth about it tell me!!! If it's all coming from my physical brain, the celebration should be all physical. But that's not the point of it all to me, so if it's to be spiritual, my spirit has to be involved!

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