Wednesday, April 23, 2008


That's how I feel right now, totally electrified, fascinated, awed! I just watched The Elegant Universe. Without even knowing the current state of the theory (M theory/string theory), I'm fascinated anyway. Everything makes me think of the immense power that we call God.
I remember all the books I read as a teen and young adult about parallel universes and other dimensions. I remember a book for teens that I saw again recently in a bookstore about a kid who was somehow captured in a world with extra dimensions. The author did a really good job of portraying the incomprehensibility of living with extra dimensions. Spatial dimensions at least.

I'm charged up and ready to tackle the quantum physics course my dad recently sent us. Yes, I realize this is a bit backward but how would I know otherwise what I need to know? It's a bit like arriving somewhere and taking a look back at the path by which I traveled, normally a convoluted and tortuous one for me. Why should my mental paths be any different? :-)

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