Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I love new understanding

On a forum, I read this morning the beginning of a discussion of where YHWH said in Jeremiah 7, "I never commanded you concerning burnt offerings...I told you to obey my voice.." Well, um...if we go by scripture, He DID. This says He didn't tell them to do this when He brought them out of Egypt, I suppose that's significant. Especially if we agree that Egypt was a symbol of slavery to sin. I still don't see it though, for them to obey they would be offering sacrifices, true? That was a command they were given. Or was that just a stage of what they were to do? We assume now that the final sacrifice in the form of the Son was made and THAT'S why we don't need burnt offerings. We offer our lives, our beings as a sacrifice like Yeshua did.

One guy on there had what I consider excellent insight. You know how we often try to decide if something is literal, symbolic or both? This guy (Greg) brought out what to me is a totally different way of looking at it that changes a lot. It would no longer be back and forth trying to make sense one way or another. Hmmm, I don't know how to put this on here, maybe I'll have to link it. It's part of a discussion, it may not work to post it alone. It's on, GregO, 613 commandments are not the Word discussion, 13th post down. It feels like I understand now.

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