Friday, April 4, 2008

Example of the Jews

If we are no longer to follow any of God's laws, what was the point in the first place? It's been said they were to keep the Jews separate from the other nations. They were to be separate by being holy, right? So what they were taught was the way of holiness. Why would Yahushua coming and doing it all perfectly, like the chosen people never did, mean no one has to anymore? Makes no sense to me, it seems more likely that he came to show how it could be done and also give us the power to do so.

There is the problem though of what is actually part of the law intended for our good and what was inferred and added by men. I don't know of anywhere that the Jews were told never to mingle or be friends with godly Gentiles, they were told that there was one law that applied to all who lived with them, Jew or stranger within their gates. So later when Peter saw a vision with all the unclean animals and was told to eat, then was told not to call unclean what God called clean, what did that mean? It couldn't be the actual animals because God DIDN'T call them clean. Peter understood it to mean people, God hadn't called people unclean.

I'm just trying to figure out what does and does not apply. Maybe God told people just eat whatever they wanted since our bodies are so screwed up by sin now, maybe it doesn't matter anymore.

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