Friday, April 4, 2008

One Special Moment

I've often been fascinated by the thought that somebody may have been created for a specific purpose. I mean a very specific purpose, like to say Hi to a particular person at a critical time. Like a particular person with a great work and destiny awaiting who is feeling hopeless and has "made a deal with God" that he'll believe God cares if even ONE person bothers to greet him today.

And maybe I'm that person. And that was my whole reason to be alive, have all the events happen that did in my life so that I would be there at the moment, in that mood to say Hi to a stranger.

Or maybe there's one piece of advice, a warning, a word of encouragement I am to give someone. And that's the whole point of me.
Sure would give meaning to the verse about being judged for every idle word we speak.

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