Thursday, April 17, 2008

Isn't It Already In Us?

In the Bible, we're told, or at least it's insinuated, that Jesus came through a wall. Never had meaning to me, so I ignored or dismissed it. At times, I thought it was ridiculous, untrue; other times I thought it would be amazing when we gained enough scientific knowledge to be able to do the same. It had to do with the new bodies we are promised, this was the resurrected Messiah. Well, we don't have any new bodies yet; so why did he do it? To show the disciples that there truly is another, better life after this?

Could Jesus do these things before he was resurrected? There are intimations that he did and we know he healed people, did he "rearrange their energy", did the Power, Spirit, Energy, Being that is "God" do it through him? Do we act as vessels, as a riverbed for the spirit of God to flow through us or is it something He's created and put in us that we should be able to access now? The Bible tells us to "give glory to YHWH"; if we discover these powers and abilities within us, that still demonstrates what HE does. It's not like we made these powers ourselves.

Wouldn't it be the same as discovering gravity? We didn't invent it, all we do is realize it exists, find out how it works, learn to manipulate and make use of it. I wonder what powers are in humans that we don't imagine yet. The things I'm reading about on Brain Stimulant's site are quite troubling to me - we're trying to manipulate brains with machines, putting power into others' hands instead of making use of the power that is already there in us. When I figure out how to do something miraculous, I'll be sure to post on here and let you know.

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