Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life Is So Physical...Yet It's Not

Weather can have such an odd effect on people, on me at least. I went outside this morning and everything seems so strange. The sky looks hazy and gray above the treetops and the mountains are hard to see. I can still tell they have snow on them but it's different than a typical foggy day. Maybe that's because there's no fog at ground level but it looks and feels so odd. It's very windy but not particularly cold. There's an almost ominous feeling in the air, the geese are flying overhead but not honking. Almost feels like portents of a major happening.

But not quite. That's where the oddity comes in for me. There's an ALMOST ominous feeling, ALMOST portentous (is that even a word? let me go look it up. Yes, it is.)
If I saw Jesus returning in the clouds today, I would not be surprised. If I saw the cloud of a nuclear bomb in the distance, I wouldn't be surprised. But what I really expect to happen is that the sun will burn off this odd fog and it will be a windy day, maybe some rain, and the boys will be up, the phone will ring, and all will be normal.

Why does weather do things to us? Is it different for everyone like music is? Drives home the point to me how physical we are. Even if something amazing or awful happened, it wouldn't be a demonstration of humanness to have "known" ahead of time, it's the same as a dog or some other animal. Changes in air pressure, humidity, amount of light...if we're such totally physical creatures, why do we know there's more to life, a meaning? When we DO know something, understand something, what really changes? Does insight, spiritual insight, change our daily lives? Does it change our being? Instead of living totally in the physical plane/dimension of existence, we have our minds opened to far more. But we still have to shower, dress, eat, interact with others, live our mundane lives. Once we know, we are supposed to be different, walk among people who don't yet know as an example. It makes me feel like an alien in a movie.

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