Monday, May 12, 2008

Ever Present Search for Utopia

Fascinating ideas on Brain Stimulant about time perception, slowing down our perception of time until it seems we are close to eternal, then the possibility of replacing our biological neurons with artificial ones to achieve a close-to-constant perception of happiness. Is THIS to be "heaven on earth"? (The link to the latter - utopian neuroscience - is in the time post.) I suppose all those whose happiness and thrills depend on pain and suffering of others would be reprogrammed to be worthwhile humans.

I assume everyone wants a utopia but I don't actually know people who claim to want one. Most of the emphasis seems to be on surviving at at least some level of contentment - have we given up? Seriously lowered our expectations? Are we only hoping to avoid the worst of annoyance, pain, and suffering?

I suppose I can imagine a few people I know who might be ready and willing to line up for a quick fix of constant eternal incredible happiness. I'm not sure about myself, if it's artificial, I don't know that I want it. But what would make it more real? If it's all biological perception, that may be all there IS to happiness. Maybe the bliss God offers is the re-creation of our minds to where we live in a state of mindless electrochemically induced fascination. Or is it that what we have now is a state of electrochemically polluted dissatisfaction?

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