Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Wonder What's Coming

My new job training involves reading and assimilating a lot of information that gets quite complicated (to me). I was already prepared for the overwhelmed feeling that comes with a new job, the one where you wonder what you thought you were doing when you accepted it. Once you start using the information and procedures, it isn't nearly so bad, it all becomes second nature. But this job seemed a bit much for a while, until I reminded myself of a couple of things:

1) I detest calling or visiting a company for information and end up with people who
have no clue how to do their job.
2) Scripture tells me to do all things "heartily", as to the Lord and not for men.

Both these thoughts helped a great deal. I determined that I will put as much effort as necessary into learning all the extra details that ensure customers and clients get what they need. I know I have the ability to do the work, I'm just becoming so mentally lazy! Use it or lose it, right? Isn't that how we're made? Do I really want to look in the face of my creator and say, "It was just so much trouble to think"? Not particularly. There are many people in this world who struggle because they can't understand things; I usually can so shouldn't I put effort into helping those who need help?

Really, I have a healthy body, a decent intellect, enough money, healthy and happy children and grandchildren...then God opened my eyes to realize there truly is another dimension of life and that's it's real! I doubt He's blessed me so much so that I can hide in my home getting fat, smug, and arrogant, hoarding my blessings and being pleased with life. I get the feeling He's preparing me again...


  1. Reading this made me think of the last time my daughter, Becky, said something similar. Based on what came about in her life, my advice to you is to get ready!

  2. I'm tempted to ask but...maybe I shouldn't! Yes, this is generally a preparation, I recognize the signs. He quite clearly sent us here so I don't assume moving again is in the picture. I wonder if I'll remember how much I trust everything he does if things get bad? The Casting Crowns song helps, "You are who you are, no matter where I am." Why that should help, I don't know but that whole song seems to mean a lot to a lot of people, me included.