Sunday, July 6, 2008

satan - spirit or flesh?

Several months, maybe a year ago I read articles from a group that claims satan is not a spirit exactly, not some other god that has power over us, but that that's a way of referring to our own "flesh" and our way of trying to claim all rights over ourselves.

Just like making sure we call YHWH by name (Yahweh? Jehovah?) and following rules to keep Him happy with us, the idea of Satan as some supernatural being that lurks and harasses seems too primitive to be real.

The spiritual world is real, I know that. I AM is real. But was there a literal "will so! will not! uh-huh! uhn-uhh!" fight between the Almighty God and some banished "demon" as discussed in Job? The words parable and allegory come to mind...

I believe the laws we keep are to keep our minds on the spiritual aspects of what life truly is. And I don't think they're to please God but instructions for how human life works best. I truly don't know what to think about how we are to live according to these instructions when we are also to accept that governments are established by God - and those governments outlaw following the instructions. We are to obey both; but they're not always in agreement.

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