Friday, August 8, 2008

Anticipating the Sabbath

It happened again. I got a job, I had half decided that once again, everyone was right about the sabbath, working then is not a problem. But my new job runs Sunday through Thursday. I STILL have Saturday off. To me, this is a serious indication that I need to be sure and change whatever it is in me that doesn't "delight myself" in His sabbaths. I just make it a nothing day, I study, pray, and read the Bible, talk online about Him and all that He does, but I do that stuff anyway. How can I be delighted? I want to find out.


  1. Hello!

    Sorry, I haven't been by for a while...I was/am having a rough time.

    But, in answer to your question. You might just trying to be still before Him. Just quiet, focused on Him, no music, books, computer. Nothing but Him. It will be hard at first because of all the stuff we need to filter out.

  2. Thank you. The hard part about that is that's when the grandbabies come over and both my boys that live here are around and sociable! Thinking about your comment though makes me realize that if I find a fellowship of some sort, get AWAY from my home for a bit, that will add to the day greatly. I need somewhere besides home to go study and pray and spend time with someone who loves to talk about the things of God.