Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad Link?

Someone told me my site links to youtube by itself, is anyone else having that problem? I don't know how something like that can happen, he said the whole background seems to be linked to youtube and that it's from JavaScript cursor. I don't know what a JavaScript cursor is but I'm afraid to put any links to other sites on here now. I was going to try to link some sites I read but I don't want to pass on any problems. The only new thing is the link to Faith Lifts, it's likely I did something wrong.
I DID go to youtube and watch videos after being inspired by a site with Saturday Songs (Casting Crowns, Kutless, etc), also when my friend was over, we watched country videos that she likes plus an Animaniac song that the kids liked. Now I can't get the Animaniacs song out of my head!
Anyway, I will try to figure this out.


  1. Well I never witnessed anything like that on this site. So maybe it was a joke? Happy Blogging

  2. That's a relief! The guy didn't know if it was just him, maybe it is. I asked my friend to try it and she had no trouble either, guess it's okay then. Thank you!