Monday, January 19, 2009

Questions About The Kingdom

“Malchut” is the Hebrew term for kingdom and kingship reign. The Sages of the faith compare the kingdom to the Shekinah, the glorious manifest presence of Yahweh. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance says this word means “a rule; concretely a dominion: —empire, kingdom, realm, reign, royal, inceptively to ascend the throne...” It can be seen as the active rule and reign of Yahweh. The Malchut is not a place but a status; it is not a time but a rule, not for the future and political but present and powerful. “Who is the king of glory? Yahweh strong and mighty, Yahweh Tzvaoth,” Psalm 24:8.

This is from Emet Ministries and reading through the rest of it (you have to scroll way down) shows that it's supporting a view of the kingdom of Yahweh being right now. It says the kingdom is manifested where ever people submit to his rule in their lives here and now on earth as well as in the future afterlife. Yeshua did say the kingdom is (among?) you.
This reminds me of Ted Dekker's book, Blessed Child, about a child who walked in the presence of the Almighty just like Yeshua did, just as we are called to do. I really liked that book, I'm about to receive, read, and review another one of Dekker's books so it's on my mind.
Anyway, it's difficult to believe that the kingdom even CAN be here now but I guess I've seen it. It's hard to imagine living that way all the time, your perspective on people, love, life, everything is so different. It shouldn't feel so foreign and frightening, it's not frightening at all while you're in it. It's the looking back from a normal perspective that makes it so overwhelming. We really do have to die to the flesh for it to be with us.

Do you think it's meant for now and later? Or only for later? How do we live that way in this world now? But we can, it's just that it's not about morals and being loving to people when we don't want to. It's the spirit being in us and that's so different! It's not about "trusting" that He will provide what I need, it's not even about accepting it when for some reason He doesn't. It's about Him being so close that everything else is irrelevant.

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