Monday, January 5, 2009

Is This What He's Doing?

The Bible is a crazy book. Sometimes I see it as people writing things they saw and understood through their perspective and current knowledge. Some parts are direct revelation.

Some parts seem to be directly from the Creator saying, Look people, this is how to do it if you want your individual lives to be right, your society to work well, the entire human race to function properly.

Then when people didn't listen, he said, Fine, try it like this but at least always remember this, and don't EVER do this.

Then he got to, You insist on doing it all a different way than I told you? I've warned you, I've shown you, but all right, try it. And in the end when you realize where it led, I'll be here to fix things for you but you realize, don't you, that I'm going to let you get so far that there's NO DOUBT left what the problem was. Because I will rescue you, yes, then show you again how it was supposed to be. You'll look at what you did, look over here where I had it all set up like I told you, and the difference is just so obvious.

Maybe that will knock some sense into you!

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