Thursday, January 1, 2009

Personal and Progressive Revelation; too theological a name for this post

I was just commenting on a blog but had to stop. I was getting way off track of the original conversation because I realized something. Loving people has always been hard for me, for everyone I suppose, are people "worth" love? Seeing people's self-centeredness, rudeness, cruelty, indifference, lack of the hallmarks that are what supposedly makes us human, makes it really hard to see the good. Why are we told to concentrate on the good?

A few blogs and forums are out there by people who used to believe and now don't. I can totally understand that, when you devote your whole life and being to something and then can't reconcile it to reality, what can you do? It's like freeing yourself from shackles (not that I've ever been shackled), from "working up faith to continue". When I was commenting, I remembered like I was re-living when I AM showed me. "He" was there, here, WITH me. Not in some soft little way, he was EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING. If He doesn't do that to/for everyone, how can they know anything?! I've been so scared to experience anything like that ever again but I know that's the whole point. And that's what I realized when I had to leave that blog I was reading.
I understand yet another reason to love people because of those experiences I had. Not just for their sake but for our own! Because:

You have to be wide open to other people when the Spirit of the Holy comes in you strongly or you will explode!

Even more, now I understand what scripture meant when it said "For in him dwells all the fullness of the godhead bodily." Same thing, Jesus was so open to loving others that the spirit flowed into and through him to everyone. Then it says we're made full that same way, kind of scary. We ARE made full or we CAN be?


  1. Hi,

    Not sure if you are reffering to my blog ( or not, but thank you for understanding at least how we can get to this point from such a pinnacle of faith...the thing is though, god was everything, in everything and every thought in my life when I believed, i wasn't just some backsliding Christian--I was the real deal and fully and totally devoted ....

    dont ever be afraid to comment on my blog though, I try to be open and understanding with anyone that will be the same.


  2. Matt, you're the "kind" of person I really want to talk to because there's something I don't understand. The problem is I can't know and honestly you can't know if you experienced what I'm talking about. Hmmm, this is not some kind of attack, you don't see it that way, do you? I wish I could go into your heart and head and see if it was the same; if not, you would think so and neither of us could know. Do you understand what I'm saying? Because I don't think I was ever like you were, totally devoted and all that, I was very carefully raised as an atheist, to the point that I didn't know I was an atheist because I didn't know of any other point of view. I never saw anyone once I DID know that made me "wonder what they had" and if anyone came close to that, I thought they were weird or deluded. I can't do this here, I need whole pages... can you email me?

    By the way, your site, another site and a site I found long ago is what made me start wondering even more seriously about how and why and to what extent "God" reveals "Himself" to people.