Friday, January 16, 2009

Links and Widgets?

I want to put links on my blog to other blogs but I want to use their widgets instead of just words. I saw Adgitize discussed on a couple of sites, perhaps that's how? Social networking, right?

All I really want is to quickly and easily access blogs whose most recent posts I want to keep up with. If I find a way to do that, will it be rude if I only leave them on for short periods of time? I may follow a discussion on someone's blog for a while, then find another when that's over. So far, I keep them in my favorites or have email sent but then I forget to go to them again or just TOTALLY LOSE THEM, that's why I need widgets right on my blog. I like widgets.

EDITED: This looks simple, don't know if it will work but I can do the changes right from my layout. I've tried a couple of things before that didn't work but if I keep this blog, I'll try again.


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  2. Give a shot. You can combine multiple blogs into one widget. They have a variety of widgets to choose from and they take you through the creation process step by step -it's really easy.

    You can see this at work on Hipp is my middle name. This is my wife's blog and she has a widget for my blog on it.