Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Being or Doing? Waiting or Working?

On Seeking Things Above, Tony posted about our purpose in life. We know some things from scripture but many of us still wonder whether or not we have a specific purpose, those works prepared for us ahead of time. Is it something we can miss? It used to amuse me, okay it still amuses me, to think my personal work may be to have spoken a kind word to one particular person one particular day. Did I do it? Was I in the right place? Was I in the right mood? Did I react to the prompting of the spirit when it came?
Other times I think that's ridiculous, still amusing, but ridiculous. I can't do one little thing and be done with the requirements, can I? After all, we're told the workers are few, is that still the case? Regardless, whether I have one tiny work to do, one major work to do, many constant small and large works to do, the only way is to be sure everything you do is from the spirit of God working through you.

It feels odd, knowing that God showed me the reality of Himself and then I'm just living a normal life. Somewhere in scripture is mentioned a man who was shown something and was reminded (reprimanded) that many had longed to see what he did but weren't shown. That's what I feel like sometimes; so many people want to see, want to know, want to be assured, some just want their curiosity satisfied, but it doesn't happen. So why me? It feels like I'm hiding, instead of "doing greater works than these" as Jesus said, I'm satisfied to walk in awe and gratefulness in my own little restricted sphere. When I pray and ask, it's with the thought running through the back of my mind that says, But don't REALLY tell me, I want to know but only if you absolutely insist. It may be a real pain.
Maybe I'm getting a bit mixed up on the verse about Jesus doing nothing but what the Father told him. That isn't quite it, is it? He only did what he saw the Father DOING.

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  1. "That isn't quite it, is it? He only did what he saw the Father DOING."

    You're on to something here. We can sit around and wait for God to tell us our purpose and what we should be doing or we can follow what Jesus modeled for us and go out and help the poor and the oppressed.

    When we stand before Jesus at judgment and he quotes Matt 25:31-46 are we going to say, "I prayed for your direction but I never heard you tell me to help these people in need."

    Hasn't God already spoken?