Saturday, July 12, 2008

Need an assembly

I really need to find a church, meeting, worship group, prayer group, SOMETHING. My son needs it too. It's a little difficult since most of the ones around are LDS and I'm not. But then I'm no "mainstream" christian either. Rather difficult to get involved anywhere but I almost don't care anymore - as long as I can meet with others who honor, love and worship God with me and honor his son...that's all that matters.

I pulled out some old CDs tonight, I love some lines:

Shaun Groves - "Should I tell them that I am a perfect example of all You can do with a life?" (referring to telling an audience he's only what he is because of Jesus - what if they're not impressed with what he is and figure Jesus must not be 'all that' then?)
Shaun Groves again - "You are the center of my universe..."
Point of Grace - "I wanna believe, without a single question, O Lord hear my confession.." and all the first three songs on the "I Choose You" CD.

I want to be in a crowd of people all singing and praying together.


  1. Before you look further listen to the podcast at

    It will be VERY helpful

  2. Robin, which one in particular? I've listened to a couple so far, they're pretty good. Thanks for the link.

    Shaun, COOL! Hi!
    Know what? On the song Move Me, my son heard the line "...where the whole human race sees you move me," and he said, "God sure must not be antisocial if He does something and lets the whole world see Him!" He's very shy so that just amazes him.