Thursday, July 17, 2008

They WERE Given Stones

What do we think of those who asked for bread and were given stones? I thought that wasn't supposed to happen. If a child is begging God to make his parents love him instead of hurt him, isn't that receiving stones when you asked for bread?

Is it that we don't recognize the bread as bread? Somehow this is good for the child?
I easily see that He takes evil and brings good out of it but I don't see calling the evil good because of it. Scripture says He causes evil and He causes good. Quite confusing.

This is mainly why I can't get a grip on just "what" God IS. The loving father analogy works in some situations but definitely not all. Sometimes I think it's about us all being one human - all of us as a human race being one spiritual being, rather crippled at this time, disjointed, rather like an army platoon of new recruits or a large group of children learning to move in synch. Some are angry that they have to be in the group at all, some insist on being the leader when they're not, some are confused by it all, some are doing just fine.

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  1. Well, the loving Father thing is not an analogy. It is the truth, but we don't have anything in this world to compare it to. So often times, this becomes tangled and twisted. It did for me and is no longer such as I sought the Father out and learned of His true love for me.

    That is not what I meant to start with, but there it is. I also don't want to sound preachy...I hate when people do that to me even at church. So, if I do, I hope that it doesn't effect the message.

    There is a spiritual battle in this world of good and evil which is written about in the book of Ephesians. This contribues to the "bad" things that happen. Also, God allows us to have free will, so that we come to him by choice and are not "forced." And we are fallen/sinful (not everything we do pleases God) human beings. As a result of all of this people do some horrendous things to each other.

    Okay, now I've touched on all the Biblical truths, but bottom line I still don't understand why such "bad" things happen. I'll never understand why God allowed by to be abused in such sadistic ways, but I do know that it broke His heart and that he was with me. I know that he is a loving Father to me, but unfortunately it does not mean that I get everything I want. Darn and I really wanted that purse!! At some point, I realized that I am not God and my brain is probably too limited to understand all of the things that go on in this world.

    I don't know if I helped or not. These are just my opinions and others will probably have their own. I do want to encourage you to keep searching and ask questions. Faith means nothing unless it becomes yours and it will only become yours if you seek it out. May God bless your journey!!!

    take care,