Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Way to the Father

I'm trying to figure out what it means that we are to come to the Father by Jesus - No man comes to the Father but by me.

Can that include people who live as Jesus did whether or not they know his name? I know it also says in scripture there is no other name by which we're saved. But name doesn't necessarily mean someone's literal human name, especially not in the Jewish culture of the time. It meant authority.

When I read the fourfold path in Buddhism (I think that's the right one), I don't see differences from what Jesus taught. Many spiritual paths seem to be like that, they teach basically the same thing. Not all. And some we are specifically told to stay far away from - not necessarily because there's nothing real, but because they are not the right way to go. If we're being led to a specific destination and several paths are overgrown with thickets that take hard work to get through, some are relatively clear, and one leads through a swamp full of alligators, we're told not to take the path through that swamp! Doesn't mean that you CAN'T get through that way but it's too likely that you'll either never make it or that you'll be swimming and slogging for your (spiritual) life and may end up going away from the place you're trying to reach. Things like trying to contact the "spirits of the dead" and witchcraft, sorcery; these we're warned away from.

Besides, walking as Jesus walked, I doubt that means we are all to go wander the streets doing as he did. Maybe we are. But we're also told to walk according to the spirit, not according to the flesh. We're not talking a literal walk here.

I do not believe all paths lead to "God" but all paths may lead to "Jesus". For those truly willing to live a righteous life, desiring it above all else, that's all a person can do. Beyond that, it's up to God Himself to open their (spiritual) eyes for any next steps. If that means living as Jesus did, all things according to what the holy spirit of God told him, a person can do that without knowing of Jesus specifically I believe. If that's not the case, then that person will be led to know of Jesus somehow or in the next life will be shown the rest of the truth. Why else would Jesus have gone to "preach to the dead" while he was "dead"?

Wow, what is being dead anyway?


  1. Because in the end the Earth will be completely different as will our bodies.

    Anyway, my understanding and opinion is that all other religions focus on what you do as a way to heaven. But, Christianity if it not twisted by us humans, is totally focused on the only way to God/heaven is through Jesus. If you live a righteous life, but do not have Jesus there is hell. Now, that also makes me uncomfortable, but I believe it and I hope what some people talk about there being different level of hell is right. Hell, is basically a permanent separation from God.

    If a person truly has accepted Jesus and follows Him, there should be changes that follow, but also remember Christians are human and a work in progress. They like everyone else are not sinless, but they have the promise of heaven through Jesus. But, there should be evidence in their lives that there is a difference.

    Those who do not hear of Jesus are not held accountable.

    I know that you know a lot about Christianity, so I hope I don't come across condensendingly. I just wanted you to know my opinion, in case it helps.

    Please do let me know it my comments are bothersome to you because I will stop.

    take care,

  2. No, of course your comments are not bothersome! And thanks for pointing out that particular point that many religious systems rely on what a person does to be righteous. At least, it seems so to us.
    You know what, even just writing that makes me think that may not be true after all. They're seeking spiritual truth, are they not? If they concentrate on emptying self of selfishness to "make proper room" for connecting with the spirit, isn't that the spirit of I AM they will find?

  3. Thank you. I get irritated sometimes when others seem to throw their beliefs upon me or try to "convince" me to believe in another way. This versus just stating their opinion.

    About your response, but the question for me is "who is their focus?" Self or God? That's the difference.

    I like your blog. You ask great questions and they are sometimes challenging. It is good for me to think of such things and have an answer for my beliefs. Thank you for doing this.

  4. Other religions are based on Truth, but they are counterfeits. The devil knows the Truth more than anyone living on this planet, and he also knows the Word of God better than anyone living on this planet, which is why he is able to twist it and confuse the masses.

    God, is not the author of confusion, and there is only ONE way to get to Him, and that is by confessing with our mouths and believing in our hearts that Jesus is who He claimed to be (and did what He claimed to do).

    It's not about our works, or our own "self-righteousness". That's the difference in Christianity. In some religions you have to die for your beliefs (Islam), some you have to die and be reincarnated until you get it right (Hindu), and some you have to say a couple "Hail Mary's" or maybe spend some time in purgatory (obviously Catholic), but none of these deal with the simple issue that it is our sin that separates us from God, and only by the blood of God can we be reconciled. It's a free gift, and it's available to everyone.

    Consider the guy that was next to Jesus on the cross. He "believed" that Jesus was the promised Messiah and made Him his Lord, and that was all it took.

    Sorry for babbling on and on. You've got a great blog here!